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Enables hiring managers to seamlessly invite and pre-screen candidates for video and text based assessments at scale.

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Use Cases

Virtual Hybrid Assessments

Flexibility to add multiple reviewers
Set time limits and deadlines for assessment completion
Option to select a fixed or randomized list of questions

Virtual Scholarships and Admissions

Set time limits and deadlines for assessment completion
Uniform grading system for applicants

Examinations scoring various assessment types

Mix of written, audio, video or hybrid questions in assessments
Uniform grading system for assessing students
Set specific time limits for students' responses

Virtual Career Fairs

Prioritized jobs for hiring featured with preset assessments for candidates interested
Ratings and feedback on candidates on the same user-defined criteria

Blue Collar Hiring

Interviewing via recorded video interviews with preset questions from employers

Mass Screening & Hiring

User-defined multiple-choice questionnaire to rank and filter candidates based on user-defined cut-off criteria

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Post-Assessment Analytics

AI-Enabled Analytics
Emotion and Sentiment Content Analytics
Video Transcripts supported in 72 languages
Complete Analytics Dashboard


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Custom Credits
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Text/Multiple choice assessment/per candidate = 1 credit
Video Interview/per candidate = 2 credits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employers may use the “Bulk Import Candidates” option and fill up the candidate excel sheet with the contact details. Clicking the “Send Invite” option would automatically invite the uploaded candidates to the assessment.

Employers can set the start and end date of their assessment in the assessment setup tab

Employers can set the maximum answer time for each question and this can vary for different questions. Employers can also set time limits to allow candidates to prepare their answers

Employers can add their hiring team as collaborators under the “Collaborators” tab. Restrictions of access include administrator, which allows full access including editing questions, or reviewer, with limited access to reviewing and giving ratings and comments on the responses.

X0PA has an anti-cheat feature installed in the assessment platform such that candidates are not able to plagiarize answers from the web. 

Hybrid assessments are available so that employers can have a mix of video, audio and written questions in their assessment

Employers can rebrand the assessment platform using their own company banner and logo. This feature comes free with the platform

The AI is only used to derive sentiment and emotion analysis based on the content of the words that the candidates use in their video answers. The AI is also used for video transcripts for employer review, post-interview

The best way is to leave a wide enough time frame for assessment completion so that candidates can put aside time to complete the assessment. That said, you may manually adjust the assessment deadline after the link has expired for each individual candidate

At present, a time limit is mandated but employers may indicate the maximum time limit, i.e 900 secs, to give candidates ample time to answer the questions

The candidate platform is separate and they will not have access to it. Employers can allow candidates to receive a copy of their answers if desired

If employers enable the function that allows candidates to replay their answers and re-record their answers if unsatisfactory, then yes, that is possible. Regardless, there will be a microphone and video check prior to the video interview assessment

There will be practice questions prior to the assessment so that candidates will know what to expect. Candidates will also be pre-empted on the number of questions and time duration for the assessment

No, candidates will be provided with a link to join the assessment. Privacy is enabled via a secure login via a one-time password sent to the candidates’ emails

Candidates can take the assessment on any device so long as there is a camera enabled for recording (i.e. mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop)

At the end of the assessment, candidates will be directed to a page that informs them that the assessment is complete. They will also receive an email notification upon assessment completion

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